19 Chrome Extensions For WEB DESIGNERS & Designers In 2019

Google Chrome is considered to be, the most popular web browser in the global world. Being truly a web developer myself, I realize the complete ruckus involved in selecting an extension that could boost my daily basis productivity. They have happened so often that my co-workers send me some new Chrome extension or two that has significantly helped me deliver better website faster.

Looking back again, I realize, that I have already been passing up on these essential Chrome extensions for web developers for months until I had been notified by a co-worker. Many times I have helped my colleagues too & I am certain they need to be since the same way as I did. It is an integral part of being individual when you can know about something that could have helped you need to do things faster, you end up saying “Only if I knew about it earlier”.

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In this post, I will highlight meticulously crafted 19 Best Chrome extensions for web designers & designers to boost their efficiency and make their lives easier. ColorZilla is one of the oldest color picker extension launched over 8 years back and it offers successfully maintained its mantle as the best color picker and an eyedropper Chrome extension for designers or designers right now.

ColorZilla will enable one to get a color reading from any pixel on the internet browser on the journey and paste it in any other program in RGB HEX platforms. Like the Site Palette Just, ColorZilla also allows you to create gradient colors and remove color palettes from any website. The expansion maintains a color-background index of lately color picks also. Next time you come across a website with a beautiful and pleasing color combination, this ingenious plugin may help you quickly extract and generate color pallets. It also allows you to download preview palette images, PDFs, and generate shareable links. It has been an essential Chrome extension for programmers & designers, throughout the world.

Instead of inspecting elements in Chrome dev tools to find out the name of fonts being utilized, designers can instead rely with this elegant extension called Font Face Ninja to easily identify all the fonts being used on a webpage. Font Face Ninja boasts over 280k downloads and is the direct competitor to some other popular font face expansion called WhatFont. To utilize this handmade Chrome extension for programmers & designers, you merely have to hover over any text message component on the webpage that you need to identify.

A popup up floating windows will display the name of the font face along with a small preview window so that you can play around. You can bookmark your favorite font faces and save them for later use. Web site designers and programmers may encounter the need to create snapshots for their codes in their tasks for aesthetics or representation purpose. Marmoset is an excellent Chrome extension that allows one to create beautiful code snapshots in seconds with an individual click. This might come in helpful for social media posts or Portfolio website designs. It is one of the must-have Chrome extension for web designers & designers.

As a developer, I’ve often observed fellow developers missing out on screening what they have built. Sometimes, that careless attitude brings pity to the product, outages bringing distress in your workplace environment. And you feel silly once you can the root cause of it and recognize that the web program wasn’t working as well for just one browser.

This could be due to a deprecated CSS feature, or any other web component that is not so well backed by a web browser. I won’t blame designers for missing out on cross-browser assessment, as it is not feasible when you look at it. Installing multiple browsers, devices, through VMware or any other setup is a hassle for all. That’s where LambdaTest comes in helpful. For desktop devices, you get to test on both macOS and Home windows.

For cellular devices, you can test on both android & iOS. LambdaTest came up with a Chrome expansion to help a user perform computerized screenshot testing in bulk. You are capable of doing screenshot testing across 25 devices within a go. If you found any UI anomaly then you can reveal it with your colleagues on your preferred project management tool.