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All of which can be financial challenging for the 15% of U.S. Build all the libraries you want, if the only thing they stock is digital content, they’re of next to no use to people that can’t afford digital e-readers. Ironically, they are the folk who are generally in most desperate need of free/easy access to books, as literacy is arguably the most significant enabler to reversing poverty.

If you want to broaden the social divide in the U.S. Portability. Forget loaning your reserve to other people. Ebooks come with restrictive licenses designed to prohibit the sharing of content highly. You can forget about providing books as presents also. Digital Mortality. It’s common to think of digital content as immortal, but the fact is, it’s all stored on hard drives which have the lifespan of about three years – in other words, the lifespan of the hardy gerbil. Server farms are constantly needing to change them out to be able to ensure that content isn’t lost. Continuity. Such is the type of competition that the current couple of ebook companies are all offering their content in incompatible platforms.

Which makes the business of switching platforms potentially perilous if you would like to retain usage of the ebooks you’ve purchased, as there is no guarantee they’ll port to your new device. Oh, and do I mention that ebook companies can opt to delete any ebook you’ve purchased from them at their will?

  • Potential to sign up in Beta Programs
  • Share your views on the hot topic and ask your enthusiasts to weigh in
  • 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions
  • Expected methods for list or revoking accounts with the seller
  • Tell at least 10 people about your bucket list and encourage them to join you
  • Show people that you are a sizable brand
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Just what our society needs – a far more effective and full-proof approach to burning books. Attention Span. Research signifies that in order for the brain to get the full advantage of reading, interruptions must be avoided. It is, of course, absolutely possible to use e-readers with techniques that minimize distraction.

However, this involves resisting the temptation to check texts and select embedded hyperlinks – temptations which paper books do not offer. Glare. I know that ereaders are getting better at minimizing glare, however in the meantime I cannot be the only person sick and tired of constantly needing to adapt my position so as to avoid glare and consequent eyes strain. It’s enough to put a person off reading entirely.