The Pinnacle Of Fitness Failure: Samsung’s Gear Fit Activity Tracker

On Friday I unboxed and got all set Samsung’s Gear Fit activity tracker. This is the company’s first direct attempt at competing with activity monitors from famous brands traditional players like Nike and FitBit, as well as newer entrants such as Polar and Garmin. The machine was announced about 45 days back at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ago, combined with the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, and the Samsung Gear 2 smart-watch. Both of which I’ve also got here (oh, which I covered). My interest in these devices is from an athletic standpoint primarily.

I don’t much care about the pure telephone areas of the S5, but things like the optical heart rate sensor on it rather, as well as the Gear 2 and Gear Fit. For this weekend though, I just focused mainly on the Gear Fit. Mostly, because its screen is so pretty that anything else would distract my attention from it.

So with this short intro, let’s start with some basics. In the box you’ll find some instructions as well as the unit, a charging cable, and a small quick-start guide. The charging cable setup is a bit interesting. It uses a small attachment that has a female micro-USB connection on it, along with a male micro-USB-wire hard-set into an outlet plug.

This is uncomfortable only for the reason that most people these days desire to be able to just connect the micro-USB charging cable connection straight into your laptop or other USB interface. Thus, instead, I dug up one of the 382 other micro-USB wires around the house and used that instead to charge from my laptop.

From there it was time for you to get everything all configured. This is where things got a bit…non-awesome. First, I had fashioned to get the Samsung Gear Fit Manager app, via the Samsung Apps store. That is of course different from the typical Google Play store. So, you get that downloaded once, you can set with the Gear Fit device then. Now that you’ve got it paired, it’ll update the firmware on the Gear Fit. Perfectly sensible demand – and common to about any device that hits the market running nowadays just.

After the firmware update completed a few minutes later I tweaked some minor settings, like which wrist it was worn by me on and the orientation of the display. Next, I returned into the Gear Fit app and realized that to be able to see any activity tracker data I’d need to download another application – the Samsung Fitness with Gear app. This app is exactly what consolidates data from the Gear Fit and places it on your mobile phone. Once that’s installed, you are required by it to create a merchant account. Alone, that’s not too big of a deal, since all activity trackers require an online account of some kind.

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But at this time I’m now three apps deep to just look within my data (Samsung Apps, Samsung Gear Fit Manager, Samsung Fitness with Gear or S Health). Which application you use actually depends a little on what phones you have. If you’ve got the S4 or S5 you get ‘S Health.

Before that though, you get the crappy ‘Fitness with Gear’ app. Which holds true on the technicality. You can use the Gear Fit Manager as well as Fitness with Gear. Except, the Fitness with Gear application is so horribly limited in features that it’s basically useless. Thus, the necessity for S Health. What’s silly here is that there’s zero technical reasons Samsung can’t let the S3 downloads Health. As as you’re on Google android 4 long.3, you’d have Bluetooth Smart gains access to necessary for all these devices and receptors connectivity. ‘s more of an online marketing strategy than anything else.

With everything all set up I was prepared to deal with the world. THEREFORE I slipped on these devices and went about my business. Which in this full case was mostly just assorted items around the house. It had been about 30-45 minutes later that I wondered why I still hadn’t seen any steps recorded.