A New Era Of Heroes |

I sat in the chilly room, not necessarily admiring my surroundings. The top windows were more broken than open. Heavy gusts of breeze enter, moving dirt around. I sat on a steel balcony with my hip and legs dangling. Anytime I shifted the metal would creek. As if it could break at any second. And I could get harm terribly.

The idea made me chuckle. I didn’t fear death. Instead I greeted it warmly with my beating center. Though it wasn’t going to occur to me any time soon, I invited others to see it. How fun is that? Ironic too. Something others forced on me has become true and has consumed my life.

I’m sure my features give off the impression that I’ve escaped from my coffin. But I’m quite definitely alive. A little giggle escapes my lips which were pale. My epidermis was a lot paler than my brother’s. A light was experienced by him tan. Ones with life, pink lips, and glowing eyes.

Then there is me. Icy lips, lifeless eye, and glassy skin. My veins were so noticeable that sometimes I would spend hours staring at them. A fascinating shade of blue these were. Reaching my give away with a sigh, I let some sunlight light strike my skin. It had been a feeling I wasn’t used to.

Even while I had a job, I remained inside under dim lights. I used to work running a business in HR, filing documents, and not nurturing about the workers. Then once my identity got revealed to the public, I stopped showing up. Can’t do that now. I cannot do anything anymore.

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All I can do is sit and wait for my precious playthings to arrive. Though they aggravate me to no last end, they excite me. As though my heart can pump for me personally again. Then when I found out where they hid, things surprisingly came easy. How lucky am I? It seems fate collectively desired us to be. The eight children and me. My brother proved helpful at their company as their own private doctor. So that’s what he’s been up to? I wouldn’t know. We stopped talking to one another when we were sixteen completely.

Then the people who raised us kicked him out when he was nineteen. These were acted and dubious on their ignorance. Parents are such a nasty word. I’m not just a fan of the idea. Anyway, my brother hasn’t been in my life for years. I halted contacting our ‘family’ after they kicked him out too. They were annoying and waste materials of my time. Besides, I was found by them creepy. Not that I care. The concept of Mom and dad sat well with me never.

I only noticed them as ways to endure. Then my buddy was mainly an item. When our ‘parents’ did value the both us, they might dress us in the same outfit. For some reason, they loved complicated the hell out of individuals. I hated it. For the longest time after the sixth grade, my buddy genuinely tried to like me.

He gave up. Clearly. But I do have to say, out of everyone inside our family, I liked him the best. Because we were twins Maybe. It’s a bond. One that managed to get so user-friendly him. While other criminals try so difficult to cover their tracks, I can simply throw my brother under the bus by showing my face. It worked for less than a day. Little rats. They somehow still gave trust to my buddy and brought him if you ask me even. It enough stung surprisingly. It had been the most infuriating moment in my lifetime. They weren’t easily deceived.