Fashionable sunglasses from the 1970s & 1980s

After World War II, sunglasses became a fad again. The new advertising campaigns focused on style protection and not eye protection. Sunglasses can be purchased for as little as 25 cents or as much at $25. As a result, established manufacturers expanded their website advertising efforts and product lines. American Optical’s Cool-Ray trademark was introduced in 1948. They also made clip-on styles, and provided prescription lenses for the frames. If you have just about any questions regarding where by as well as the way to use compatible replacement lenses for Spy Optics sunglasses, you’ll be able to email us at our web site.

Fashionable sunglasses from the 1970s & 1980s 1

Fashionable sunglasses from the 1970s

The 1970s were a time of exciting new trends in eyewear. Instead of round, small glasses, sunglasses of the era featured gold and silver rims and different colored lenses. They were also bigger than their predecessors and offered a wide range of shapes with the most popular being the square.

Aviator glasses, which were popularized by several designers in the 1970s, were extremely popular. They were inspired by the global coverage of the Vietnam War, which gave many designers the idea for this retro style. These trendy sunglasses featured chunky frames made from acetate with a classic double eyebrow detail. This was also a time when tortoise shell patterns and square frames were extremely popular.

The 1970s also brought with them a raft of new sunglasses brands. Oakley and Revo are two examples of such brands. They introduced large, oversized sunglasses with colorful, mirrored lenses. Moreover, manufacturers were able to make sunglass frames with larger lenses thanks to the advancement of optyl plastics and other manufacturing techniques. During the decade, sunglasses were also introduced by major fashion houses like Gucci, Dior and Chanel.

Trends in sunglasses in the 1980s

Mirrored lenses was one of the hottest trends in sunglasses from the 1980s. Revo developed the mirrored lens technology that made sunglasses so popular. The technology was used by NASA Light Management System and came in a rainbow variety of colors, allowing for endless fashion possibilities. Mirrored lenses were also popular for those who wanted to wear sunglasses that were more than just utilitarian.

Bruce Willis, in his movie Moonlighting, first made these sunglasses popular. However, they did not become popular following their massive popularity. People liked the idea that browlines could be creatively placed, which focused attention on the eyes. This style was soon adopted by many other sunglasses makers.

The white frame was another popular style in sunglasses from the 1980s. These were often made of plastic. They came in different styles, including round and oval. They can be worn all year round, and many people associate them with Kurt Cobain. Oversized white frames are also a great look. These styles are available at many brands, including Saint Laurent.

Wayfarer sunglasses from the 1980s

Wayfarer sunglasses were a popular style in the 1950s and 60s. However, they eventually went out of style. Celebrities made them popular again in the 1980s. These sunglasses are versatile and can be worn with any outfit.

This style of sunglasses was popular with pop icons of the 80s, including Madonna, Tom Cruise, and Michael Jackson. These sunglasses have a black frame and a dark-green lens. These shades suit people with medium-sized faces. The lenses measure 55mm across at the widest point and 43mm in length. The wingtips of the sunglasses measure 100mm (4 inches) long and 153mm (6 inches) wide.

Wayfarer sunglasses are similar to classic aviator shades. The RayBan sunglasses were first introduced in 1952. Popular films made them popular in the 1980s. Today, they remain one of the most popular styles in sunglasses. You probably have any type of questions pertaining to where and just how to use compatible replacement lenses for Ray-Ban sunglasses, you can call us at our own web page.