A Nurse Practitioner’s View

The article does a good job of explaining both occupations though I would disagree with a few of the claims. Another important difference is that P.A. are generalists, while nurse practitioners teach in a specialty like family medicine or women’s health. As a result, P.A. can easily switch fields more. I’d say that’s not necessarily true. Since the majority of NPs are trained in family health, I believe it’s just as easy for these FNPs to transition into different jobs. To patients, the two roles can appear very similar. Salaries can be similar, too. 86,000, based on the P.A. I think that noises high pretty. 90k range and I am discussing the metropolitan New York area.

There are higher paying careers in large cities and they are usually associated with large medical center systems. The good news is that wages are on the increase as the demand for advanced practice clinicians keeps growing. Finally, the affectionate term of “mid-level” company can be used in this article. I guess I can’t fault them because the term is utilized commonly to collectively explain NPs and PAs. In reality, it is a poor descriptor.

Overall, it is fantastic to see these kinds of articles in the media. The better that the public is informed about our tasks, the easier it will be to practice without obstacles. Patients are increasingly choosing to have care delivered by NPs and PAs and can continue steadily to do in order the abysmal healthcare system sputters along. We afford an immediate solution to the crisis and are prepared, willing, and able certainly.

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