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When the IRS conducts an audit on a Corporation, the agent will ask for the corporate record book. The Agent will review organizational documents, meeting minutes, stock resolutions and ledger. If these documents are not kept current, the IRS can determine that you are running your business as a Sole Proprietor and change the taxation rules for your business.

This could have a big tax impact on the owners of the business, as some of the taxes deductions taken as a company is not allowed as a single proprietor. This could result in higher personal income tax along with self-employment tax before penalties and interest are added, which adds up quickly.

In some situations thousands of dollars have been owed by the owners because of poor record keeping of the corporation. Corporate and business record keeping is simply as important as filing the tax comes back, planning the required minutes and resolutions makes the task not at all hard yearly. To secure a Record Reserve for your LLC or Company use the order forms at the links below. If you need advice about updating your records, call our office.

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