About Our Practice-Business Law Associates

We have chosen the uncommon lawyer name of “Business Law Associates, L.C.,” to mention the focus of our practice. We do not manage divorce cases, drunk driving defense, or injury legislation suites. We focus on the needs of the tiny business owner. Which includes real property issues often, lending issues, government rules issues, and contract issues of all kinds. It certainly does include corporate and business divorces (disputes between owners), or, still better, owner agreements to avoid owner disputes (think in conditions of the “corporate prenuptial agreement”). Our concentrate also includes property planning because the continuing future of your business may depend upon it.

We can assist you with worker issues, covenants not-to-compete where appropriate, customer issues, and the majority of all we can help you stay out of the black hole of litigation. After three decades of practice, we have learned efficient and inexpensive ways of forming a business, selling a business, and running the legal affairs of a business.

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The most important and unrecognized service we provide is a product we call “Quantum Trial.” Thirty many years of practice has trained us one great truth, the justice system and small businesses do not play well together. 10,000 issues with the same rules, the same schedule, and the same calendar. 100,000. We have watched partners destroy a lucrative business in less than 1 year by suing each other.

1500 or less altogether costs. WE’VE FIGURED OUT HOW EXACTLY TO DO THAT. Go directly to the Dispute Resolution tab on this website for a synopsis of our Quantum Trial system. See if it seems sensible for your litigation needs. J. Steven Newton is the owner and managing attorney of the law firm.

He graduated from BYU Law School as a member of the first graduating course in 1976 and has an easy business deal and litigation background. Most highly relevant to the business owner is his service as an officer of the Corporate Counsel Portion of the Utah State Bar Association for four years including service as Chairman of the Section. He served as in-house lawyer for Sinclair Oil Corporation for 6 years and in 2004 was named by the Utah Business Magazine among the “top 100” corporate and business attorneys in the state. As the dog owner and managing attorney of Business Law Associates, L.C., most issues start in his office.

If an associate can handle a concern more cheaply or effectively, it might be in your favor to deal with a co-employee or one of our support staff. This website contains many of the tips and tricks Steve has learned over the years for staying out of trouble and keeping legal costs down. We hope you find this website interesting and helpful. Business Law Associates, L.C.

This is within a complete contrast to taking a debt from a loan company, where you will need to accept the rates of interest set by the lender and can have to make regular repayments. Leasing: Leasing is another way to invest in your capital ventures, machinery acquisition specifically. When you have sufficient assets in your business and you would like to acquire some machinery for your business, then leasing is a good option.