Architect Design: 6/2/13

This past week I had the possibility to preview the new display at the Hillwood estate within DC: Living Artfully, at home with Marjorie Merriweather Post. I’ve written about Hillwood often before and am lucky enough to live just a few blocks away. This new exhibit provides some new thrilling opportunities unseen at Hillwood recently! The exhibit is really more of a meeting as parts should be found throughout the estate concentrating on Marjorie’s role as hostess at her 4 main estates: Hillwood, Mar-A-Lago, TopRidge, and her yacht, the Sea Cloud.

I’m most excited about this exhibit because this is what I find so interesting about house museums: I want to know how people actually LIVED. The image above show the dining area with it’s Mar-A-Lago dining table shown uncovered for a big change and set as for a meal at her Palm Beach real estate. Information, photos, and videos make you feel as if you yourself were a visitor! However the most interesting thing to come out of this show are areas before unseen in the mansion have been refurbished so they can be launched to the public. Above you start to see the very utilitarian 50’s wear located just beyond the Pavilion where Marjorie hosted square dance as well as first-run shows.

Interesting tidbit; Marjorie’s personnel were all welcome to watch the films along with her guest visitors and in the leading spot believe it or not. Staff viewed the movie from the balcony while family and friends sat below in Jansen styled sofas. Located just off the main entry hall, the ladies-natural powder room has also been popped to the public for the first time (seen above). Family wedding images are displayed here gallery style on silk-bedecked walls.

Check out the time fixtures including pink toilet paper! Interestingly enough, Marjorie purchased home fragrances in such large that the museum still has a volume and uses it even today in specific areas of the home (smells very like face powder). Located just off Marjorie’s bedroom suite, her personal beauty salon is also now open to the open public.

More photographs of relatives and buddies are next to the latest technology in hair care of the day. Within the show the closets are totally stocked as when Marjorie is due to house. At the time her personal maid, Eva Zackrisson, would bring a week’s worth at the same time down from the principle closet in the attic. Also shown are adorable hooked bathmats used at her numerous residences. As you can see Marjorie loved pink! Above a collection is seen by you of her day-wear along with coordinating hats.

Beneath some of her jewelry for a smaller assortment of her Bob Inc shoes are shown in several shades to complement her numerous ensembles; for both day and night. Evening dresses from 1958-1964 on custom crocheted hangers Just one more closet in the dressing area homes some of her. Who doesn’t want to see this stuff! One more space open to the public is a basement bomb shelter (one of 4 on the real estate). Marjorie provided enough room in the shelters for all her staff: a gracious hostess as well as a gracious company. Items from her yacht, Sea Cloud, are exhibited in the collection.

Including her custom embroidered shoes which she would occasionally wear on board. The Snooze Room is situated near the top of the primary staircase and was where a guest could recuperate while visiting for your day. In addition, it provided a tiny separate bedroom for children to the adjacent visitor collection. Out in the Adirondack Pavilion collections from Marjorie’s summer months house in the mountains, Tom Ridge, is viewed. I loved this canoe! Marjorie even had luggage specifically for every location -notice the tag on the case above?

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And what is a contemporary society hostess without her napkins embroidered in her monogram. I’ll leave you with the adorable little dog annunciation device Marjorie used at Top Ridge. Everyone must go to Hillwood to see this wonderful bear in mind and show, the series are kept up to date with always something new to see constantly!

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