Better Apps Might Improve Health, Study Finds

Birk found that if health applications include avatars that can be adapted to the users’ choices, people will identify using their virtual “mini-me” and be more motivated to activate with health apps in the long run. Regan Mandryk, USask computer technology teacher and Birks’ previous supervisor. App developers and video-game companies could use Birk’s research for improving app design and how people might use services more consistently. The apps could range between language understanding how to fitness monitoring, to mental health treatment.

The concept of avatars is part of our Internet-driven world. Birk discovered that the folks in his study who had personalized avatars got more engaged with the jobs they were assigned to do online as part of the experiment. Participants, recruited online through a service called “Amazon Mechanical Turk,” were able to choose anything from facial features to clothing, to personality features for their avatars.

He offered his results at conferences and released them in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR). Birk, a USask computer research graduate. Birk, who was simply awarded an exclusive Governor General Gold Medal that recognizes the USask graduate college student with top educational standing. Now, a teacher at Eindhoven University of Technology, among the best tech colleges in the Netherlands, Birk said a computer science level from USask has allowed him to compete at a global level because of this position.

He shifted to Canada from Germany because Mandryk reaches the international forefront of research learning human-computer conversation. After a seven-month research internship with Mandryk he made a decision to stay at USask for his Ph.D. Birk plans to keep a study partnership choosing Mandryk, while focusing on a new task that talks about how interpersonal connection can improve applications use.

His research was funded by the federal government agency NSERC through the Saskatchewan-Waterloo Games User Research (SWaGUR), a collaborative graduate training curriculum between University and USask of Waterloo. The first of its kind in Canada, this program brings a team of world-leading games researchers with backgrounds in science together, engineering, social sciences, and humanities to teach games user researchers.

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