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O’Donnell also closed her special night time news with a commentary, saying, “After years of mass shootings, we haven’t found the answer. … We shall not reside in fear. That would be admitting defeat. Among the four freedoms organized by Franklin D. Roosevelt is freedom of fear. Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.

All the Sunday morning news shows pivoting using their original plans to concentrate on the shootings. Various Democratic presidential applicants – including Beto O’Rourke, Julian Castro, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg – among other politicians appeared on the shows. All of the shows had roundtable conversations about the shootings. Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney appeared on both ABC’s “This Week” and NBC’s “Meet the Press.on “This Week “,” he said, “There’s not benefit here to try to get this to a political concern. But it was Mulvaney’s appearance on “Meet the Press” that caused the biggest stir.

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Mulvaney started by ripping into the “MTP” -panel, including NBC news contributor Eddie Glaude Jr., who was critical of how Trump has spoken in the past about immigration and competition. Mulvaney said, “I understand this is a political show, however the degree of rhetoric within the last 20 minutes – I am hoping another person is bothered because of it other than me.

I mean, we’ve moved straight past any sympathy whatsoever for the victims, straight past going into what caused this, and trying to figure out who’s at fault. So I’ll ask this question: Was Bernie Sanders responsible for when my friends got shot playing baseball? When moderator Chuck Todd came back to the -panel, he said that Mulvaney was “clearly” reacting to Glaude. To which Glaude said, “To begin with, I could give significantly less than a damn what Mick Mulvaney considers what I say, to be honest with you.

Dallas paper: Do we print his name on 1A? A Texas State Trooper strolls back again to his car while providing security outside the Walmart in El Paso, Texas. Among the topics that often come up when there is a mass shooting is if news shops should name the shooter.

Typically, the media printing or air all essential facts and many would claim they come with an obligation to talk about everything they know with their audience, like the name of the shooter. Alternatively, there’s a fear that printing the name glorifies the shooter and publicizes any agenda that the shooter might have had. The think was from a Dallas suburb and the DMN do print his name inside pages.

On Sunday, I traded email messages with Wilson, starting with me requesting him about keeping the shooter’s name off leading page. Wilson told me he met with controlling editor Keith Campbell not long after the taking and before the name of the shooter had been confirmed. But Campbell and Wilson decided against placing the shooter’s name on leading page.

“We were identified to focus our coverage on El Paso, on people who were targeted for murder for racist reasons, and on the response of policymakers,” Wilson said. In this digital age “Even, the front page is an important symbolic representation of what we should think readers ought to know on any given day.