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After 20 times and 2350 kilometers we are home. Betty, Bailey, and I came back again on Friday after an enormously enriching RV trip. Regular blog readers know, we ventured from our home base of Scottsdale, through southern Arizona, across southern New Mexico, and ended as Asia as central Texas.

Our return got us through Big Spring and Amarillo, Texas, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Flagstaff, Arizona before returning to the Valley of the Sun. 1,100 on gas, or about 45% of the full, total cost of the trip. We rented a car for weekly in Fredericksburg, Day in Santa Fe Texas, and one.

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256 were among the better money spent. It allowed us to explore and never have to maneuver a 30 feet monster in and out of small parking spaces and on thin mountain roads. On the way we battled continuous winds almost. Most days, gusts up to 45 miles per hour weren’t uncommon.

The shorts and T-shirts rarely made it from the suitcase. Temps remained in the 60s or 50s during most times and in the 30s immediately. As I noted in RV Travel and Lessons Learned I am spoiled by Scottsdale’s the sunshine and mostly calm winds. For many parts of the country April is per month of violent contrasts and weather extremes. Frankly, when we picked the dates for this trip we had no expectations that the elements would be the way it was.

We began this trip with high anticipations but an authentic understanding that our ideas would be tested. There was a chance the money we allocated to the RV risk turning out to be a huge mistake. Even the automobile itself was going to be put to the test. We’d never traveled more than 90 mls from your home Previously. With a great sense of relief I can honestly report this was an optimistic adventure Betty and I will not soon forget.

We have proven to ourselves that we truly enjoy the freedom RV travel provides. The simplification of life and the changes in daily routine are very attractive. The ability to be self-contained and to go where and when we wish is a joy. Betty could take thousands of photos, which she’ll turn into a tremendous memory of this trip for all of us to enjoy for a long time to come. Both of us were able to read several books each. I published posts and got time to take into account the blog’s future direction. I even developed a business-proven fact that allows us to create off many future outings.