For People Who Use That Portrayed Word

Colourpop and beauty influencer Kathleenlights have teamed up once again for the Dream collection, with a lip package and the Dream St eyeshadow palette. And I won’t be buying. This post shall concentrate on the eyeshadow palette, but I am going to not be buying anything out of this collection. To begin, I simply want to state which i dislike writing content about beauty influencer collaborations really.

I have been viewing YouTube for eight years at this point, and I have seen the beauty community evolve from one of authenticity to one which is corporate. We know that Katy Perry is not actually using CoverGirl makeup in her daily life just as that people know that Nicole Kidman is not slathering on Neutrogena skin care every night. But YouTube started as a different platform, and most big influencers got where they are today but building a more authentic platform when they first started. By far, the most negative comments I receive on my posts will be the ones I make about influencer collaborations.

And I believe that this post will especially touch some nerves because, yes, I will be talking about Kathleen’s recent use of a racial slur on public media and following apologies. But first, let’s talk about the palette. What’s interesting is that I first found out about Kathleenlights because of her first collaboration with Colourpop, that was the “Where the Light Is” collection of Super Shock shadows.

I purchased that assortment of shadows at that time because I wanted to try the Super Shock shadows (I don’t like them and can not purchase any longer, FYI) and I liked the color scheme. Coincidentally, I’ve since purchased another Kathleenlights and Colourpop cooperation, which is the lipliner in the color Lumiere. I did not purchase this lipliner because it was mounted on Kathleen; rather, I had been looking for a lipliner for just one of my all-time favorite lipsticks, NARS Anna (Maybelline Touch of Spice is actually similar).

Because of the colour, this is my most used and favorite lipliner easily, and I am almost completed with it. Furthermore, I’ve purchased from KL Polish also, which is Kathleen’s nail polish brand. Generally speaking, I like the polishes, however, many of the colors didn’t flatter me and also have since been decluttered.

I did not purchase these polishes because of Kathleen; I had fashioned read excellent reviews about them plus they experienced a few colors I sensed were unique. It’s funny because in my own head I think I have never purchased a beauty influencer collaboration before, and it’s really because I’ve purchased products that appeared interesting to me that been created by Kathleenlights.

I’ve been recently gifted a few palettes, which, ironically, include two palettes that I have written anti-haul posts on-KVD Saint and Sinner and the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette. In order that is the extent of influencer collaborations I own or have owned, and I did not acquire any of them because of any personal feelings about the influencer attached. But I also point out this to say that I don’t have any personal vendetta against these influencers while i write a post about why I am not going to buy their products.

  • Sound of Music, Gone With the Wind, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Message IN THE Bottle, Out of Africa
  • Repurchases are fine, no stocking up majorly
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • GST means 7% Goods and Service Tax in Singapore
  • Smells great

Had Kathleen not been associated with the Dream St palette, I still would not have purchased it because I’ve comparable shadows in my collection. 16) and the fact that Colourpop pressed shadows are typically quite nice. I also think it looks like a mix between Colourpop Yes, Please! I now own every one of the above mentioned palettes, so I have this color plan covered absolutely.

And if you have any of the above palettes, you have the majority of the shadows covered as well. 18), I believe it can become quite simple to justify collecting them, even when you own the shadows already. Personally, I have a problem with owning both NYX Fire and Yes, Please! However, I take advantage of both, so at this time I do not need to declutter either. Nonetheless it is a lesson I’ve learned that because something is inexpensive, it doesn’t mean you will need to buy what you already own. For the record, I purchased Yes, Please! 16, continues to be a waste materials of money. 14 to get “free” shipping.

And at that point, it really begins to feel just like a waste materials of money to buy tones that you already own. I believe Dream St is a fine collection of shadows, but there is not quite a bit that is all that interesting, unique, or new about it. I’ve seen most people touch upon the teal tone, but similar shadows are found in NYX Fire, Colurpop My Little Pony, and Morphe Jaclyn Hill. And if that is the one shadow that is appealing to one to the palette, there’s always the (better) option of trying to find that one shadow in one.