Gender Role Reversal

Several minutes later, Aidan finished the contest by punching his challenger hard in the gut. Georgie doubled over and remained writhing on to the floor for another five minutes immediately. Aidan stayed to help him up, but the other boy shook him off angrily. Aidan understood. Georgie did not want pity. Not from the son who effortlessly got beaten him. Aidan went off to get transformed and showered.

The boxing coach took care of him sadly. Although Aidan was only aged ten, he was huge. He was much bigger and more powerfully built than nearly every guy and boys years older than him. He could defeat some other youngster in this gym easily. But the trainer understood that Aidan would make a boxer never. Pity. If the aggression was had by him to match his power, he’d be unstoppable. But there is something about that boy that was off defeat. The trainer couldn’t quite put his finger onto it. Aidan was walking home. He considered his obligatory boxing lessons waste materials of his time.

But his father, a would be boxing champ who acquired made it never, had insisted. A very important thing about needing to do boxing was the walk home, for it took him past one of is own favorite stores. This was Pirouette, a shop that sold ballet accessories and outfits. As he walked past, he couldn’t take his eyes from the pink, sparkly ballerina’s outfit with it’s rigid tutu forming a delicate skirt around it. He lingered for a few minutes.

Too long, as he realized a couple of women from his school were watching him curiously. He recognized them as Sadie Chloe and Thorpe Madden. Year as him These were in the same. Chloe gave him a delicate little wave with her hand “Hiya Aidan!” she chirruped “Didn’t know you were into ballet!” The girls collapsed with laughter. Blushing furiously, Aidan away marched.

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He thought he heard Chloe call after him, but he ignored her. They didn’t understand. How could they? He retreated to his room, which he had to talk about with one of is own old brothers (Aidan was the youngest of three males), stripped off, and visited bed. He lay awake for a long time, thinking about the ballerina’s costume and his encounter with the girls.

Aidan got no idea why he was the way he was. Outwardly, he was a large, strong boy. He was the first youngster anyone picked when it emerged to choosing the rugby or team. But on the inside he was gentle. For some reason, he liked very young ladies’ things. It was an obsession with him almost.