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As such, a minimal PE is generally better than a higher PE. One way to check out the PE is to compare the PE of companies in the same industry. The company with lower PE is more attractively costed than another company with higher PE. Let’s take for example 3 companies in the Telecommunication industry namely Singtel, Starhub, and M1. If we just base on PE from the above, M1 seems to be most priced attractively.

Does it imply we buy M1 straight away? The answer is no. Previously I wrote an article about how Starhub went wrong as an investment. It is a lesson that if we buy at the incorrect price, the whole investment can suffer. Valuation has a second part where we make an effort to project the future PE. We have to ask ourselves if we buy the M1 at current PE ratio, is it really attractive?

The PE proportion is low now base on current price and profits. If earnings of M1 drop further, the PE will again shoot up. Most of the time, the stock price will also drop to reflect a fairer PE ratio. Earning drop and price drop will re-balance the PE back.

Another scenario is where in fact the PE isn’t that low now but we forecast that profits will rise. If earnings really rise, the PE will be lower which makes it more attractive. The best scenario is where in fact the PE is low now and we also predict that earnings will rise. More often than not, the stock price will go up thereafter to reveal the valuation. In summary, the PE ratio pays to for valuing a company based on its price and earnings.

A PE of 1 1 means the company is making an income that is equal to its price. 100,000 that same year, its PE proportion is 1 therefore. PE ratio may also be described as the number of years it takes for investors to get back their money. A couple of many other valuation methods such as using the purchase price to book proportion which is a valuation of a company’s resources. Some traders use other models such as determining the intrinsic value or looking at the cash or free cash flow. It will be complicated if we’re not fund, or accounting trained but each one of these can be learnt if we are really determined to do so.

Getting dividends from shares doesn’t mean we just go for the stock which has the highest dividend produce. Since we are investing into these stocks to obtain a second source of income, the income is needed by us to be stable as well. When companies spend dividends, they have to get the amount of money from somewhere. If a company has a payout ratio of 100%, this is unsustainable in the long run.