Gospel Bluegrass Music: January 2019

Early in my Christian walk this verse in Proverbs became very special if you ask me as I remember this being truly a new thought. I had not been to base my life on my “own” understanding but rather acknowledging Him, which I believe involves recognizing His Lordship. Now this truly results in a walk of trust… specially when your individual reason is telling you one thing and God’s Spirit through His Word is telling you another! This past year has once again been one of these experiences. Many of you are aware that over the full years of our family traveling, I have also had a sandblasting and painting business that I’ve tried to keep going… many times from a distance.

This last winter was especially difficult once we were eliminated from September of ’07 through March of ’08, only being home 3-4 weeks during that right timeframe. Even as we got home in March I could see the business had really suffered from lack of attention and I started seeking god, the father concerning all of this. At that point, i was presented with by god, the father Jeremiah 33:3 as a call to seek Him. Sell what you have and present alms; provide yourselves money luggage which do not grow old, a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief methods nor moth destroys.

That following weekend Gloria, I plus some of the kids went to South Carolina to go to Andrew. Saturday night once we were preparing for a nights rest, These verses were shared by me with Gloria. I wasn’t sure what each of them designed for us, or what God’s time table would be for closing our business of 23 years. We went to the Sunday night time service with Andrew that evening and after the worship time the pastor fired up the overhead to Luke chapter 12! He then mentioned that verse 33 would be his theme verse for the message that evening.

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Now that got our attention. I want to declare that while I believe it can be misleading and dangerous to be led by circumstances, I do believe that God confirms what He has spoken to our hearts through His Word by directing “circumstances”. We returned home from that trip and over the next couple of weeks, due to circumstances out of our control, we proceeded to “lose” about 3/4th of the contracts that we acquired lined up for the summertime. At that point my salesman walked into my office and mentioned, “All I could say is that God is in this… there is no description for what has happened except God is supernaturally directing in every this!

” I agreed. We then remaining to be always a right part of a couple of different camp/revival conferences in North Dakota and Montana. As we returned home, we made the commitment to have an auction and close the business. In all honesty, we had very little work scheduled on the books at that point anyway… it seemed the Lord had made our future direction with the business very clear. This season of life was done and it was time to go on.

On August 26 we auctioned the gear off via an internet public sale company. … That seems as an appropriate question at this true point. We are presently seeking god, the father concerning that very question! Many assume this means a greater amount of time on the road — that will be true to an extent, but we are spending at least two-thirds of our time out on the highway.

We also feel we have to have a certain amount of time for “normal” home life to maintain this type of itinerant ministry on long-term basis. At this true point, my goal is to deepen our walk and message simply. Our desire is usually to be more effective with our time when we are out on the road. I’ve an increasing burden for family members and we’ll see if God would open more doorways for opportunities along those lines. I’d like you to know that we greatly appreciate your prayers on our behalf and to let you know we daily start to see the fruit of these prayers.

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