Happy Face, Happy Wallet

Monday I used to be ready to overcome the world with Mr. Cheeks McGee, but Cheeks got another basic idea. You see, I had more information on things to do, and I was actually very excited to get out of the house despite the cold and remaining slush. Unfortunately, Your day Cheeks woke up prepared to fight. He was angry, crying constantly, and repeatedly doing the “milk” sign.

It was already nine in the morning, and he had had three tantrums. I couldn’t even go to the bathroom in serenity. The problem is that Cheeks is furious at the persistent teeth enamel beast that insists on making its presence known in his mouth. He is not at this where he recognizes the need for tooth; therefore, he wants to rebel against nature.

To compound the problem, the Scholar would be from business, which meant I would be left by itself to wrangle this frustrated child by itself (My, how I admire single mother. I will tip my hat to you ladies always. So I did what any mature adult would do: I called Queen Fierce and told her that Cheeks and I were going to remain at her house for the evening. After speaking with her, I began packing the suitcase quickly, that leads me to the next review.

Several weeks hence, I received the earth-friendly ecoTools Cosmetic Bags designed by Alicia Silverstone, to test and review. I don’t have a satisfying cosmetic bag and this was an excellent chance to try something that could work. The truth is, before encountering these makeup bags, I would have to strategically pack my toiletries in several bags as though I was assembling a puzzle, and it was always a hassle. Plus, if I removed one piece from the puzzle the organization of the bag would collapse. I would try different luggage, but they either couldn’t comfortable fit everything I carted, or these were too cumbersome and cumbersome.

I refrained from buying substitutes for what I got because I must say I didn’t know very well what I wanted nor what I needed. And yes, I even scaled back and reduced how big is products I would try places. So, after I received the ecoTools aesthetic luggage in differing sizes, I was super excited to try them out. First impression was that the hand bags were beautiful.

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They are created with hemp material and have a pleasant and vibrant floral design in it made with non-toxic printer ink. Although they are cloth, they are very sturdy, and are a natural tan/beige color, which aids in concealing any possible dirt. I quickly filled up the hand bags up to observe how much they could keep, and they did not disappoint.

The overnight held everything I undertake a trip (as far as face, hair, and body), and I still acquired room to free. The Train Case was the same situation but of just describing it instead, let me show you. As you can see in the group picture, this is a sizable bag.

However, I had not been sure it might be in a position to fit everything I bring along. I thought for several I would have to drive the bag shut. One aspect of the handbag has a set pocket where you can put shampoo, face clean, perfume, whatever you want, really. Then your other side has two removable clear (recycled PET) zip-up pouches. You can remove if you need more space or you could detach and throw the pouch into a bag for an instant switch-up. Also, the bag has a dual zipper, so it opens completely up for easy convenience. Here it is filled up with everything I take.

If you click on the picture, it will take you to the Flickr photostream and you can see the list of contents. Seriously, I love this bag. This is exactly what I used once I was packing for my impromptu sleepover at Queen Fierce’s. I just put everything within, it was easy to arrange, I didn’t have to fight to close the handbag, and it fit comfortable in the suitcase among the teachers, the toy truck, and toy bongos. I’ve some train situations that are on a smaller size.