How To Create Blog And A Website

Hello, everyone, I am college student of the 3rd 12 months, New Media and English course in the University of Limerick. My university is situated around Limerick, Ireland. I began Complex Writing module Recently. This component is chosen by me because I found its explanation interesting. It said that I’ll learn how to create a blog and a website. When the module started, I listened with all my attention to what the teacher will say. I found out that we now have more to weblogs than I expected. I understood how to use fundamentals, but after the course, I knew that it was all the beginning just.

After class, while I went home, I decided to try to improve my blog. First I used all the abilities I discovered from the course, then, after I was stuck, I visited YouTube, as I used it before for various reasons and knew that it could be quite useful for me now. I was right, the video that I found, about how to produce and enhance the blog, helped a complete lot! It showed how to do everything step-by-step, that I found very helping and interesting. The result, you can see right now- so, what do you think?

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  3. Creates Unique Automated Variations
  4. Task 6: Create another repo

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