Is Mo’Nique Getting Weight Loss Surgery?

There is a rumor going around that Mo’Nique, writer of Skinny Women Are Evil, is having weight reduction surgery. Even though it’s simply a rumor, I think the replies to the news are interesting really. Once again at this time it’s only a rumor but if shown to be true it will amount to yet another slap when confronted with fat people by one of our very own.

Star Jones was a champ for size acceptance then fought for a long time to cover up her surgery before arriving clean last year. If the same thing is certainly going on with Mo’Nique her trustworthiness in the eyes of millions of ladies and a few men like myself will be shot. It always mystifies me when fats women respond betrayed if a plus-size celebrity has his. Why is it so hard to to believe that MoNique would?

I’m a happy 220 pounds. I look good and I know it. I’d never excoriate another overweight woman for making that decision-that’s like beating up on anyone who has a psychological problem. It’s just that there are so few BBWs in the public eye, and fewer still that send the message that it IS possible to be plus size and confident, successful, beautiful and O.K. ‘s body. When someone like Mo’Nique or, lately, Queen Latifah, change, and begin extolling weight loss, a complete lot of women who found inspiration and strength through their example are left alone again.

I myself, and overweight by at least 85 lbs, but have I ever thought that I will Accept my size never. Simple and Plain, the bottom line is about being HEALTHY! …..why can’t we be HONEST with ourselves and admit that carrying excess fat is unhealthy… Let’s stop being so judgemental whenever we have carried the burden of being judged ourselves. So, let’s pretend for an instant that rumor is true. Which one of you are done by these remarks agree with? How will you experience it?

  • 1 1/2 glass alternative milk (almond dairy, soy milk, rice milk, coconut dairy, etc.)
  • Decrease the workload of the center
  • High blood circulation pressure and preeclampsia
  • Cancer that spreads to the bone
  • Obesity, especially with a large waist size
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter, divided use

“If you ask me, here’s a step which makes an enormous difference, and it’s a great place to start. “It’s very simple but incredibly effective: Eating slowly. “I know it doesn’t appear to relate to ‘flat belly’ right away. “But in fact, eating slowly can help you pay more attention to what you’re eating and exactly how.

That means over time, you make better food options easily and very easily. “Eating slowly helps you eat a bit less but still feel satisfied. It helps decrease bloating because now you’re chewing and digesting your meal better, which is another plus for Project Flat Stomach. “Would you be ready to try slowly this first step of eating, and to track whether you practice this also? Since eating helps folks eat much less slowly and consuming less most often leads to weight loss (not forgetting the benefits of better food choices and better digestion), this process helps turn an outcome (uncontrollable) into a behavior (controllable). Here are some other examples of how we can turn outcome goals into behavior goals.

Lose 10 pounds. Eat till satisfied (instead of stuffed) at each meal. Lower blood glucose. Eat fruits for dessert, instead of sweets, weekly at least three times. Squat more weight. Squat three times weekly at various intensities. Sleep 8 hours per night. Create a relaxing pre-sleep routine and begin it 30 minutes before bedtime. Have a better romantic relationship with a partner. Have a romantic date night once a week.