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Synopsis: Buttercup has fallen deeply in love with her family’s plantation young man, Westley – and when he leaves to make his lot of money she vows to never love another. When she hears that his ship was captured by the Dread Pirate Roberts, and that no survivors were left, she’s normally heartbroken. In the past now, I viewed this book’s film version and absolutely LOVED it.

It’s seriously one of my most liked films ever. It’s a truly fantastic spoof-fairytale that arrived YEARS before the wants of Shrek and Enchanted. I used to be thrilled once I later found out how the Princess Bride was based on a book that I later bought and read. The publication is outstanding too and has become one of my all-time favorites.

It’s equally as good as the film! It’s inventive and has incredibly witty and funny lines. It’s extremely well-written and has very loveable heroes, with Westley and Inigo Montoya being my personal favorites. Actually Inigo Montoya is one of my favorite fictional characters and my blogger name is partly named after him. Actually, as much as I love the film I do think the written publication is even better. You get more backstory on the characters such as Fezzik and Buttercup’s parents, and you learn more about the death of Inigo’s father and Prince Humperdinck’s hunting obsession.

Zoo of Death and a Fire Swamp! Even though the character types, dialogue and story of The Princess Bride are impressive enough additionally, there is a motivated story-within-a-story element as well. William Goldman makes the claim that he’s abridging The Princess Bride from S. Morgenstern’s version; leaving out all the boring parts about politics and background and only sticking to the “good parts”. Occasionally Goldman will break into the story, you need to include tales about his battles with his editors in what to cut and what things to keep in, or give recollections about his dad reading the complete tale to him as a kid.

The last mentioned was most likely the basis for the interruptions in the film where the grandfather is reading The Princess Bride to his grandson. The interruptions in the film are extremely funny but they’re even funnier in the publication because they remind me of boring parts I’ve read in other novels. Who CARES about the Queen packaging and unpacking all her hats? Just get on with the story plot!

The Princess Bride is mostly of the books I’ve run into where interruptions and digressions such as these actually improve the story rather than take away from it. I must admit that I’m not really a lover of the brief story Buttercup’s Baby that was added to the book’s 30th wedding anniversary edition though.

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It’s in no way horrible but it just wasn’t necessary to put the tale in there and remaining me with a sour flavor in my mouth area. It still doesn’t take away from the brilliance of the original book and ending though and I really like The Princess Bride to death. In the event that you haven’t already I quickly significantly recommend reading it and discovering its brilliance for yourself.

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