My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss

The crud has taken my urge for food away. I am going with it. I am trying to really focus on my body and present it what it requires. As a result, I’ve slipped to a fresh low weight! I got to my pre-op weight several days ago. I didn’t point out it because my own body has this uncanny ability to know while I announce reaching a milestone and the very next day, I up have a jump!

I am going for a major risk posting this now. Like Tuesday Just, the entire year of health when I announced 2016 was, I began to get sick! Yesterday, During the day barely doing my workout I had formed just defined I slogged. There is another lesson here Maybe. Maybe I’m learning that is how life works.

Just like my recovery wasn’t a straight collection from surgery to well, but had a lot of ups & downs along the way, so is everything in life. Nobody explained to suck it up and force through after I was exhausted and wanted to relax after surgery. I had was never told I had a need to have more willpower or that I needed to make smarter choices.

Nope, everyone around me was kind and gentle. I had been motivated to do my best with therapy but then even, there were occasions when it just wasn’t taking place. That was OK with me and the ones around me. We just attempted again later. I have to apply those same principles to other areas of my entire life, namely weight loss. Odds are, my weight will again go up. I can’t panic. I have to be soft with myself and move on to the next food/workout and do my best. I believe I can do this.

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