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Confused about which credits and deductions you can state on your 2014 taxes return? You’re not alone. Listed below are six tax breaks that you won’t want to overlook. Thanks to last-minute taxes extender legislation handed down last December taxpayers submitting their 2014 returns can still deduct either condition income tax paid or state sales taxes paid, whichever is higher. Here’s how it operates.

If you bought a big ticket item just like a car or boat in 2014, it may be more beneficial to deduct the sales taxes, but don’t forget to figure any condition taxes withheld from your salary just in case. If you’re self-employed, you can include the state income paid from your estimated obligations. In addition, if you owed taxes when filing your 2013 tax return in 2014, you can include the amount when you itemize your state taxes this year on your 2014 return.

3,000 of entitled expenses per reliant. Job search expenditures are completely deductible, whether you are gainfully employed or not currently working–as long as you are searching for a position in your current profession. Expenses include fees paid to join professional organizations, as well as work placement firms that you used during your job search. Travel to interviews is also deductible (so long as it was not paid from your prospective employer) as is paper, envelopes, and costs associated with portfolios or resumes.

The capture is that you can only deduct expenses greater than 2 percent of your modified revenues (AGI). Also, you cannot deduct job-search expenses if you are searching for a working job for the first time. 2,500 in student loan interest paid by the parent. The deduction can be stated if the child will not itemize even. Other deductible medical expenses that taxpayers might not be aware of include health insurance premiums, prescription drugs, co-pays, and dental premiums and treatment.

Long-term treatment insurance (deductible buck amounts vary depending on age group) is also deductible, as are prescription contacts and glasses, counseling, therapy, hearing aids and batteries, dentures, air, walkers, and wheelchairs. If you are self-employed, you may be in a position to deduct medical, dental, or long-term care insurance. Better Even, you can deduct 100 percent of the premium.

In addition, if you pay health insurance premiums for an adult child under age group 27, you may be able to deduct those monthly premiums as well. 3, per year 000. To qualify however, your debt must be totally worthless, in that there is no reasonable expectation of payment. Non-business bad debt is deducted as a short-term capital loss, subject to the capital loss limitations. You might take the deduction only in the year your debt becomes worthless.

You don’t need to wait until a debt is because of determine whether it’s worthless. Any amount you aren’t able to deduct can be transported forward to reduce future tax liability. Are you getting all the taxes credits and deductions that you are entitled to? Why have a chance? Call the office today and make sure you get all the tax breaks you deserve.

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