There Is No Growth In Earnings

I do not own this stock ONEX Corp (TSX-OCX, OTC-ONEXF), but I used. I purchased it at the end of 2001 and bought from April 2008. I made some 5.9% come back including dividends. I mistook this stock for a Dividend Paying stock. It is sometimes a good idea to review the sort of stock that we ought never to buy. Why I say I mistook it for a dividend paying stock is basically because they pay a dividend. However, if you look at the spreadsheet, you will see that there’s been no growth.

In fact, dividends were the same from 1995 until this season. They are paying out some 1% of its cash flow in dividends. The existing produce at 0.30% is way below 1%. This product includes the best dividend rise of 2013. I seriously have no idea why they trouble to pay a dividend even. This stock is kind of such as a hedge fund in that it buys or invests in companies to generate income.

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  • Cr Other Comprehensive Income (Revaluation Surplus) with (Revalued amount – carrying value)
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  • Gross dividend Neil 10%, Beta 1, Ex-Marks 70
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It seemed to be a good notion when I bought it. Unfortunately, this company has a growth company until 2001. I really got it at the wrong time. It was making some headway by 2008 and then came the second bear market and then it’s been recovering since.

Total Returns over the past 5 and a decade reaches 3.95% and 10.56% with 0.31% and 0.43% from dividends and 3.66% and 10.10% from capital benefits. This is not a growth stock really. However, the stock is up almost 20% this year and 31 % year over year, which is within growth-stock territory. The ongoing company only has already established good growth in cash flow. In the event that you look at the 5-year running averages within the last 5 and 10 years you get growth at 16% and 13% per year.

Revenue growth using 5-year running averages over the past 5 and a decade gets you the development of 10% and 7% per year. There is no growth in profits, but profits fluctuate a lot. When I take a look at analysts’ recommendations, I find Strong Buy, Buy, and Hold recommendations. A lot of the suggestions are a Hold and the consensus recommendation would be a Hold. 51.10. Therefore a 12 month return of 2.77%, with 0.30% from dividends and 2.47% from capital increases. Proactive Investor site talks about Onex Corp favorably.

There is an interesting article in Rehab Canada about Carestream Health Inc. raising debt money to give to shareholders, including ONEX Corp. Today I would not spend money on this company. It is not a wise company which is not a dividend paying company, so for me I would not see any point in the investment. See my spreadsheet at ocx.htm. Onex is one of North America’s oldest investment company committed to acquiring and building high-quality businesses together with talented management teams. Onex handles investment platforms focused on private collateral, real estate, and credit securities. Gerald Schwartz is a major owner Its website is here ONEX. This blog is meant for educational purposes only, and it is never to provide investment advice. Before making any investment decision, you should always do your own research or seek advice from an investment professional. See my website for stocks followed and investment notes. Follow me on Twitter or StockTwits.

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