Why The Future Of Nutrition Is Personal

Humans are complicated, and there are a lot of things that influence our health and wellness. You will find things we can not change, like our age group or genetic makeup, and the ordinary things we can, such as our selection of refreshments. There are also the trillions of bacteria that reside in our guts-collectively known as the microbiome-that have a substantial impact on our health and digestion.

The foods we eat are mixtures of several nutrients that affect your body and microbiota in different ways, so unraveling the partnership between diet, metabolism, and health is no simple matter. A new study from the University of Minnesota adds another layer of complexity yet, showing that foods which have comparable nutritional profiles can have very different effects on the microbiota.

While we realize that a more diverse microbiota is usually an indication of better gut health, we understand little about how specific foods influence the abundance of different microbial varieties. In their recent study, the Minnesota team asked 34 healthy volunteers collect detailed information about everything they ate over 17 days, mapping this given information against the diversity of microbes in daily stool examples. Needlessly to say, although there were several foods that were eaten by the majority of the participants-such as coffee, cheddar cheese, chicken, and carrots-there were of options which were unique a lot.

The researchers found that whilst every participant’s food choices affected their own microbiota, with certain foods enhancing or reducing the plethora of particular bacterial strains, there wasn’t an easy correlation that transported over between people. For example, beans boosted the percentage of certain bacteria in a single person but acquired far less impact in another.

Intriguingly, although carefully related foods (such as cabbage and kale) tended to really have the same effect on the microbiota, unrelated foods with very similar nutritional compositions acquired different effects strikingly. This tells us that conventional nutritional labeling may not be the simplest way of judging how healthy the food is likely to be.

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  • Blue Enchantment Dark frosted turquoise (Satin)
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