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Can you think 2015 is nearly over! This year is a whirlwind for me, between planning our wedding, getting invited to GenBeauty NYC, achieving some subscribers, and vacationing with my close friends and with my new spouse, I have got such a blessed 12 months. I hope 2016 provides me as much happiness as 2015 did!

With that said, I wanted to execute a fun colorful makeup look for you guys! Kathleen Lights recently came out with another Colourpop cooperation and I used to be lucky enough to obtain it showing you! Browse the makeup guide to start to see the amazing eyeshadows doing his thing. If you’re not familiar with Colourpop, these are very amazing and affordable quality. 5 – YES. FIVE DOLLARS. And you can get their lip products for the same price! I want to know what you are doing for NYE this season! I cannot wait to see what this new year brings!

Finally, to imagine the recommended makeup style, an automated makeup synthesis system is developed as well. To this final end, a new Before-After facial makeup database is collected and labeled manually, and the knowledge of makeup musician is modeled by knowledge bottom system. The performance of this framework is evaluated through comprehensive experimental analyses.

The experiments validate the automatic facial attributes classification, the recommendation efficiency in statistical and perceptual ways and the makeup synthesis precision which outperforms the state of the art methods by large margin. It is also worthy to notice that the suggested platform is a pioneering fully automatic makeup recommendation systems to your best knowledge.

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They will just have to deal. Besides, my creative channels elsewhere were unleashed. Here’s finished . I realized though, dilemma Almost everywhere such as actually is everywhere. Even within the four corners of my home, my cats have their own dramas. It’s just cuter in their case being that they are cats. I might have escaped the episode of blogging and makeup but there is drama too outdoors it.

There was episode between friends, between family, even the world of pole dance and yoga exercises, which rescued me from being battered and damaged in soul got their own little dramas. I open Facebook, there’s drama. Even if I escaped all this and flew in a few remote island with an increase of pet cats than there are people, there’s bound to be dilemma as well. Drama, retrogrades, name it.