Skin Care Review: Sea Infused Herbal Moisturizer (#OZNSeaInfusedMoisturizer)

An organic moisturizer containing vitamin c and infused with seaweed and algae keratin. This moisturizer does not only provide moisture content and security against Ultraviolet rays but also helps to repair, and rebuild the skin as well as assisting remove unhealthy toxins from your skin. In terms of what I use on my body, I tend to choose the natural option. I never experimented with anything with algae and seaweed extract before therefore I was really looking forward to this product. The packaging is genetic and nothing too unique about any of it.

It does indeed its purpose. It is straightforward to can the product and it does not take much space out. Also, it keeps the product fresh and it is straightforward to carry with you for travel or short trip. The consistency of the product is very unique. It is not a gel, or cream but a cross types of both. It is not heavy and it is simple to apply.

It has a yellowish, dark brown color and a very peculiar aroma. It’s fragrance is not the most pleasant one but since it is natural, I do not mind at all. It is not superb strong but you will smell it as you put it on. The scent will not fade quickly and I can still smell it on my skin after a couple of hours of application.

I do not head but if you are practical to smells, I thought you might know. The application part is my favorite part. It feels so nice and relaxing to apply it. It has a nice chilling effect. The total effect is soft, not sticky, or greasy. It generally does not irritate my skin or cause any redness.

Also, it didn’t cause me to use. It offers some security against Ultraviolet rays (I would still use a sunrays screen though. WHEN I browse the recommendations, it suggests to use a generous amount but it isn’t specific. The first time it was utilized by me, it sensed sticky and it needed longer to dried out too. Since that time I choose less and today I have a greater sense of how much to utilize to get a straight layer on. Also, it could be just me but no situation how well I apply and massage therapy it on my body, it leaves a yellowish limited on my skin still.

  1. Helps in Provide Flawless Skin
  2. Nicely scented
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  6. Coconut oil (natural moisturizer)- 1 tablespoon
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If I want to use it during the day, I have to use the smallest amount because thought your day it will start to peel off. I’ve use chemical peel off or masks, it feels the same. I do not use constitute every day and if I am home, I stop after my moisturizer just. When I saw myself on the mirror, During the day looking like this I became so shock that I when on. At first I thought that maybe the other skin care products were causing this to occur but after trying it with different products, I had the same problem. Therefore, I only utilize this moisturizer during the night.

Overall Assessment of Product: I’ve a love and hate bond with this product. I like how my body does not feel dry in the morning when I used it at night but this is the shame that it’s a little bit of a headache to use it. I love to use it at night as a moisturizer or together with another moisturizer as a sleeping face mask for extra hydration.

To keep your body hydrated, normal water is obvious. It’s also advisable to avoid liquor and level of caffeine (all types of diuretics). If you need to warm up in cold weather, drink organic and natural tea instead. Nutrition Essential fatty acids (omega-3s and omega-6s) are most significant. These healthy body fat help retain oils in your skin cells and keep your skin well-hydrated. You’ll find good fatty acids in cold-water fish but in poly-unsatured and unrefined vegetable oils also, such as hemp or flax petrol. Due to unsafe degrees of mercury with some sorts of fish, it is advisable to supplement your daily diet with good resources of EFAs instead, and alternate fish oil with vegetable oils.

Dry interior air in your house or at the job can really aggravate your skin. Drinking lots of mineral water is a solution, but keep your home between 68 and 75 F also, not hot too! Employ a humidifier when possible, especially in your bedroom, to keep your skin well-hydrated as you sleep. These pointers should help you with dry winter and dermis itch. However, some cases of dry skin ought to be seen by a doctor. In case your symptoms worsen, please contact a healthcare practitioner.