Data Management Analyst

What are some advantages to using Oracle’s CREATE DATABASE statement to create a new database personally? What are three rules of thumb to produce good passwords? How would a DBA enforce those guidelines in Oracle? What business challenges might you encounter? Describe the Oracle Wait Interface, how it works, and what it provides.

What are some limitations? How do you return the top-N results of the query in Oracle? Why doesn’t the obvious method work? Can Oracle’s Data Guard be utilized on Standard Edition, and if so how? How can you test that the standby database is in sync? What is a database hyperlink?

What is the difference between a public and an exclusive database link? Exactly what is a fixed user data source link? Explain what are Oracle Oracle and Catalog Archive log? What is dump destination? What exactly are bdump, udump and cdump? Explain at length. ? What are four errors within an alert (error) log that can damage a DBA’s urge for food and how will you avoid them?

What do you want to do if in any condition you don’t know how to troubleshoot the mistake whatsoever and there are no seniors or your co-workers around? How exactly to convert local management tablespace to dictionary maintained tablespace? As a Oracle DBA what exactly are all the UNIX document you ought to be familar with? When the builder trying to put together the package deal.

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But the database gets hanged? What will you check? When exporting using filesize parameter, if three data files is generated. How the Oracle name this three files? When you implement: alter tablespace begin backup; How do Oracle engine can identify that the matching datafiles are in backupmode? What are the distinctions between database database and designing modeling? Where situation whether peak time or off peak time you shall perform the ANALYZE TABLE command.

How to check on to memory space after the SGA is started in Restricted setting? Plus hangs for a long period, what is the nice reason? How do you raise the performance of %LIKE operator? What is mutated trigger? How to estimate the size of SGA? What do you do when the server cannot start due to a corrupt master database?

Explain how do you want to setup Replication Server & sync it? How exactly to fill data into multiple dining tables at once? What in the event you do when you find a stacktrace in the server errorlog? Is it possible to resize tablespaces and documents? So how exactly does one use the import/export utilities? What tuning indicators can one use?

Why and the way the deadlock situation arises? Why use materialized view instead of a table? Difference between 9i OEM & 10G OEM.? How the data is processed in DB Buffer Cache. What exactly are the changes that happen in Database buffer cache(Set of all changes in DB Buffer Cache) ? Why do you take tablespaces in backup setting.? What’s stored in Oratab file ?

What is OERR Utility ? Just how many max datafiles will there be in an Oracle Database. How will you observe how many memory segments are acquired by Oracle Instance. Just how many max datafiles can there be in an Oracle Database.? How will you control No. of Datafiles you can have in an Oracle Database. How exactly to write script for export back-up in shell. What is standby directories? Difference between Physical and reasonable standby directories ? Describe four properties of data source isolation. In which situation lock contention shall happen. What is transaction lock? What’s simple replication and progress replication?