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I just made the most lovable, memorable graduation items that I’m SO thrilled showing you today! There’s nothing like taking a creative, fun idea and then being able to press a button to make it actuality just. I love ways to make a particular event even more special using Heritage Makers personal publishing.

As an additional benefit, I could make tasks for you! Everything created in Heritage Makers is released and delivered to your door appropriately. Let me show you the 6 gorgeous, coordinating items this lucky grad shall be using for announcing and celebrating her graduation. Every one of these fun items is something you can order from me–something I can digitally create for you, submit for publishing for you and have shipped straight to you.

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So I’ll include some details about how exactly to order each one. It’s like getting Pinterest-worthy creations without the work. If you would rather DIY these fantastic items without me creating and purchasing them for you, the cost will be a few dollars lower for every item. Preserve and show off senior photos with a lovely keepsake book with quotes, or use the book as a guest sign-in book at a graduation party without the quotes (with spaces for writing instead).

Or order one of each! The 11.5-x8.5 reserve is hardbound with a collection binding using steel stitching, not glue (which breaks as time passes, making pages fall out). Pages are superior 100-lb. Archival quality paper. Here’s the look of the guest sign-in or autograph reserve. Photos are on the still left pages, and areas for party or friends guests to write are on the right. Don’t mind the privacy-related covers there. Your reserve won’t come with that. The keepsake older photos book with estimates is the same as the written publication shown above with a few variants.

Again, your book won’t include the privacy-related covers. 2 school colors to displace the red and blue on the front and back (I’d love to see a genuine school website or something online with the institution colors therefore I get a far more accurate color. If ordering the senior photos with quotations book, provide me with 5-6 of your desired quotations.

Allow 2 weeks for me to generate your publication and 14 days for professional publishing and delivery, for a complete of 4 weeks. 52, which includes the price of the written book, shipping, and the cost for me personally to make it for you. Again, if you would rather DIY your book(s) within my Heritage Makers website, the cost is a lower little. Making a special celebration even more special!

These wraps are produced from address labels and will be the perfect size to cover around Hershey Nuggets! These are a hit always. Labels come in a couple of 54. These are 2.625″ wide and 1″ high. Labels are self-adhesive and full color. Some DIY–after being required by This project receiving the labels, you’ll need to buy Hershey Nuggets and wrap the sticky brands around them.

The red personal privacy cover will be where the student’s name is. The white privacy cover privately is the senior high school and senior high school mascot. 2 school colors to displace the red and blue on leading and back (I’d like to see an actual school website or something online with the school colors therefore I get a more accurate color.

Allow 1 week for me to generate your labels and 3 weeks for professional posting and delivery, for a total of 4 weeks. 8, which include the price of the labels, shipping and delivery, and cost for me personally to make it for you. These ultra-personal announcements are 7×5 and come with envelopes. Announcements are double-sided dense paper with a matte finish.