Term Paper On Deserts

Throughout the vast Canadian region there aren’t many regions or territories where you will find a desert biome. The arid regions, Thompson River Valley in beautiful British Columbia and the east Alberta badlands. The high Arctic deserts which are really cool and dried as well. Deserts are usually positioned in areas close to the equator.

However, they are also most likely found in areas that get less than 25 cm of precipitation per season. As, well as locations where they receive more rainfall but less occasionally throughout the year. We Can Write Custom Term Papers on Deserts! The desert’s environment is scorching and dry.

Not many plant life and animals may survive, but the ones that do are adapted to the torturous environment and at night it cools right down to very cold temperature ranges. Most are just barren lands with fine sand that extends for kilometers. The deserts in North America (Canada) tend to receive long droughts that occur in the “rain shadow.” This “Rain shadow” occurs as a cloudburst or thunderstorm continuously. The warm arid deserts usually cannot absorb any type or kind of precipitation or moisture because of the sun-baked surface; therefore a lot of the moisture that does touch the sun-baked surface of the desert drains away as runoff.

The warm deserts, such as those close to the Badlands in Alberta, barely get any precipitation because the rainfall drops dropping from a cloud often will evaporate before an individual drop even gets to the ground. There is not much living microorganisms within the Arctic deserts, due to the harsh, cool weather. However, the year they are doing receive much precipitation throughout, precipitation is snow. The warm arid deserts are located in Alberta, toward the badlands and in the eastern part of British Columbia. All of the much cooler deserts are located up north in the Arctic regions. In the desert, steadily winds erode rock into tiny particles and dust storms that scour the land surface helps in the soil form.

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Desert ground is dominated by a more rock and roll particles. Due to the severe warm climate in most deserts the vegetation cannot provide the earth with much organic matter and therefore soil microorganisms, such as earthworms cannot endure the sand. Therefore, the garden soil found in the desert isn’t one of good quality. Also, those burrowing rodents and organisms which helped loosen the soil have been exterminated through pest control programs; the water from rainfall cannot soak in easily any more therefore. Most deserts don’t receive much water throughout the year. The Arctic deserts receive a great deal of snowfall.

However, per calendar year those arid deserts usually receive around 25 cm of rainfall, if that. Most North American deserts though receiving long droughts and thunderstorms, however then don’t obtain as much over the summer and winter then. However, as stated most rainfall is evaporated before even achieving the ground previously. Animals in the desert must survive in a harsh environment. Intense temperature, searing sun, and lack of water are some problems desert pets are faced with. There are always a good number of species found within the desert biomes. Most types are nocturnal and venture out at night time when it is cooler, because the times tend to get warm too. One animal within the desert is the scorpion.

They have enlarged claws used for recording their prey. Another pet that is situated in the warm deserts are lizards and snakes. They have a tendency to dive into the sand, as though it were water, to cool off. Snakes and lizards adjust well into this Biome because they don’t have perspiration glands in their skin, therefore they can not lose drinking water through their sweating as much mammals do. Lizards also lift their legs to lift their tails and bodies from the hot floor when walking on the sand.

One of the other common desert animals is the jackrabbit. The jackrabbit has the adaptation of large ears that radiate temperature so it doesn’t get too hot. It also has strong hind hip and legs that will help it jump away from its predators. They usually eat small desert vegetation or whatever they can find on the desert floor. Human Activity within the desert has tarnished many microorganisms. Of all First, the ground has been tilled and crops have been replaced by native plant life.

Also, the countless animals and species have been exterminated because of the damage of vegetation and many habitats are also demolished by man. However many national condition parks now provide a security from “civilization.” This is to protect the species, habitats, and to preserve some of the original beauty and richness that only deserts can offer.