Fire Michelle Grissom

Michelle Grissom, a trained teacher at Douglas State School Area, in Denver Colorado, must be terminated on her behalf role in the attempted doing and mob persecution of the underage young man. Unfortunately for Michelle Grissom, the underage boy she targeted for mob violence and harassment had not been at the protest. How do we out find this? The boy’s father desperately took to Twitter within an honorable effort to stand up for his son and protect his family name. Shockingly, Michelle Grissom argued with the daddy, demanded PROOF that the man’s boy was not a known person in the Hitler Youth.

Imagine if you noticed a mob posting pictures of your teen with his name online, phoning him a racist, Nazi, and a known person in the Hitler Youngsters. Even while, the young man Michelle Grissom of Denver, Colorado, chose to target was playing in a Varsity basketball game. The poor kid was not near to DC, he was playing in a golf-ball tournament several expresses away instead. Michelle Grissom did not care, she was out for blood and was fueled by an angry mob that was literally calling for the students to be BURNED ALIVE. She refused to delete her post, demanding from the paternal father PROOF.

There hasn’t been a far more disturbing occurrence on Twitter. As you can see, the desperate dad needed his son’s name to be cleared simply. …SHE IS TEACHING YOUR STUDENTS! Here is a better take a look at Michelle Grissom DOXXING an underage son who she slanders as a member of the Hitler Youth.

Would you trust this woman to teach your son or daughter? This middle school instructor Michelle Grissom is wanting to name and shame a underage child, smearing him as a Hitler Youth. This unhinged woman didn’t make sure she was naming the right child even! She was so dreadfully wrong but was so get over with hate she argued with the small children’s father!

Should Michelle Grissom be allowed to continue to train at Douglas County School District, in Denver Colorado? What would you do? How would you feel? Does this type of behavior explain someone who should be educating future years of Americans? Even when the father politely asked Michelle Grissom take back her slander, providing proof his COMPLETELY INNOCENT underage kid states playing in a golf-ball game away, it had not been enough for Denver citizen Michelle Grissom.

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She needed more evidence to stop attempting to ruin this guy’s life. Michelle Grissom sensed that the daddy had not done enough to avoid the mob from ruining his family. No, it wasn’t good enough for middle-school teacher Ms. Grissom. She was starving for bloodstream and wanted to spoil the full life of a young man. Finally, after she had posted an innocent’s boys pictures and name for an angry mob to see, Michelle decided she herself was wrong.

However, as you can see, even when she got dependable proof she herself was wrong and got attempted to spoil an innocent man, Michelle Grissom still sensed the need to continue to SMEAR AND ATTACK! Where is this woman’s shame? She was just caught incorrectly doing a higher school kid and that wasn’t enough? She’s to keep her smears, searching for her next victim?

Should Michelle Grissom still be teaching at Douglas County School District, in Denver, Colorado? Would you trust this girl to teach your child? What are the chances that Michelle Grissom is with the capacity of teaching students that have Republican leanings without bias? What is Michelle Grissom discovered a kid’s parents voted for Trump? Do you think she could supply them with an equivalent and reasonable education?

Does this appear to be someone who can train a course of students from a number of different backgrounds? She is equating a headwear worn by the President of the United States supporters with a KKK hood. The comparisons this woman is tossing out are unhinged and give us a view into her sick and tired mind completely.