Calculating Business Days (Microsoft Excel)

In performing computations with Excel, it is helpful to know how a number of days are between two times there. Excel makes this just subtract the earlier date from the latter easy-you. In a business environment, however, you might not want to know just the number of days-you probably wish to know the number of business days between two dates. Quite simply, how many workdays are between two times there?

Believe it or not, Excel helps it be almost as effortless to determine business times as it is to determine regular days. All you have to do is use the NETWORKDAYS worksheet function. Let’s assume for a moment that you had two times: one in A3 and the other in A4.

The time in A3 is your starting time and the date in the A4 is the ending date. This results in a count of all the times between the two times, not keeping track of weekends. You should note that the function profits the real number of full times. Thus, if your starting date was Sept. 4 and your ending time was Sept.

If you want to account for holidays, the simplest way is to get into your standard holidays in a range of cells, and define a name for that range then. Microsoft also introduced an expanded version of the NETWORKDAYS function in Excel 2010, but it offers a different function name: NETWORKDAYS.INTL. The biggest difference between NETWORKDAYS.NETWORKDAYS and INTL is that NETWORKDAYS.INTL gives you to specify the way the function should handle weekends. This new parameter goes immediately after the ending time parameter.

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Note the addition of the “1” parameter in the 3rd parameter position. If that’s not versatile enough for you, NETWORKDAYS.INTL gives you to use a string for the 3rd parameter that exactly specifies which times is highly recommended workdays and weekend times. So, for example, let’s say that your business runs on the four-day workweek, Monday through Thursday. Note that the string in the 3rd parameter position is strictly 7 digits long and represents the times of the week, Monday through Sunday. A 0 indicates that day is a workday and a 1 indicates it is a “weekend” day that should not be utilized in calculations.

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