Global Funding For Adolescent Health Misses THE MARK

The results, which appear Aug. 10 in JAMA Network Open, reveal that hardly any money went to projects aimed toward some of the most serious factors behind poor adolescent health, such as anemia, accidental injuries, and depressive disorders. Similarly, little funding went to support health projects for adolescents recognized to yield a high return on investment, the study found. Chunling Lu, assistant professor of global health insurance and social medicine at Harvard Medical School. The biggest amount of development financing for adolescent health was directed at HIV and AIDS, followed by social violence, tuberculosis, and diarrheal disease, all of which are among the primary causes of impairment and disease for adolescents.

However, other leading causes of disease burden in the developing world, including anemia, road injuries, and depressive disorder, were mainly forgotten by donors, the researchers found. Seriously underfunded areas such as mental health and injury prevention are also known to produce especially high cost-benefit ratios, the investigators said. An ever growing body of research has shown precisely how critical the growth, health insurance, and development that occur during adolescence are to establishing the stage for lifelong health.

As an outcome, adolescent health is important in many new international planning recommendations now, the research workers said. The quickly increasing population of adolescents currently growing up in developing countries further demands better investment in adolescent health, the team added. George Patton, of the Center for Adolescent Health at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia. The findings suggest that current spending levels are not sufficient to meet the adolescent health needs of several low- and middle-income countries, the researchers said.

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